The American People Want A Female For President

The big talk these days is who will get the nomination to run for President of the United States of America. There have been much speculation about who the American people will and will not vote for. With Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton in the running, it seems the people will have a bit of a dilemma deciding which one is the lesser of two evils. However, a Gallup poll that was released today shows that the American people are ready for a female to be the next American president. Some said an African American man would never sit on that seat, but he has been there for 2 terms now. Is it time for American to have a female leading the way?

Hillary Clinton is no stranger to scandal, but she is also a powerhouse. Some say that she was the driving force behind President Bill Clinton when he was in office. They’ve certainly stuck together through thick and thin and some feel that if she’s in the hot seat, it’s just a great way to get Bill Clinton back in advising. See, the country was in much better shape when Democratic president Clinton was leading the way. He had record numbers in jobs the country and unemployment was low. Then there was the situation of economic woes, and it wasn’t as big of a concern as it is today. 

The pole further went on to show that the American people are ready for a female, just as long as she is catholic. More than 92% of the people polled said they would vote for a female for president. 94% said they wanted the president to be Catholic. Currently, Clinton is leading the way for the Democratic nomination with a 34 point lead over opponent Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders who? Yeah, most people haven’t heard much about him because he hasn’t been doing much, or at least not as much at Clinton is. It’s clear that she will win the nominee for this party, but who will she be facing?

When it’s all said and done it is certain the race for the Whitehouse is going to be between Clinton and Trump. Both of them have showmanship and have been in the public eye. Some are taken back by Trump’s harsh demeanor and arrogance. Clinton seems a bit more approachable than he, even if she has been involved in a scandal or two. Who’s the better president? Given the state of the current world, it’s going to take a strong force that won’t back down and someone who thinks outside the box to come up with solutions. Our economy is a mess, our president is a mess and we need more jobs. 

Flashing around all the millions that Trump has doesn’t offer a viable solution to the economic troubles. It does however show that he knows how to manage money. But running the country is not the same as building casinos and large buildings. Clinton on the other hand is no stranger to politics. She has held great positions before, but which one is more suited for the job? Only time will tell at this point.

The American People Want A Female For President

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