Mobile Home Park Banning Food Deliveries

When there are people in need of food, there are often organizations that can help. One company bought a mobile home park in Palmetto, and when the company found out about food deliveries being made by a local church, it threatened to evict at least one of the women who lives there. 

In addition to the woman who is being threatened, there are almost 30 other residents who depend on the delivery service who have been given letters asking them to leave. The church delivers boxes to some of the residents. These boxes contain food that will last for at least a few days. There are people with children who need these boxes as well as elderly individuals. If the church is not allowed to deliver food to the residents any longer, there are people who will need to look for other ways to get the food that they need in order to simply survive in some cases. 

The reasoning behind the decision to stop the food boxes from being delivered is that the company has the restrictions in the bylaws. Just because a company isn’t happy with a church bringing food doesn’t mean that it should prevent people who are unable to go to a store to get food or who have no means to buy food from getting what they need. This is a decision being made by people who are likely not facing this kind of situation and who have probably not dealt with the situation before. If the owners of the park would think about the assistance that these food boxes are providing, then they would realize that it’s a benefit instead of something that is bad for the area. This vital service is a lifeline to those who might not have a car. The company should consider decreasing the number of deliveries so that more food can be delivered at one time if it doesn’t want to have the church in the park as often.

Mobile Home Park Banning Food Deliveries

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