Note of Appreciation for New Jersey Firefighters

I know many people who serve in the Armed Forces, or as police officers, firefighters, and EMTs, and I have long supported anyone involved in those fields. The hard work, dangerous situations, and long shifts to which these people are subjected can be overwhelming. It is not something I would choose, and so I appreciate those who can and do. Recently, one small act of kindness left two New Jersey firefighters feeling very appreciated.

Entering a diner for something to eat, firefighters Tim Young and Paul Hullings received a pleasant surprise. After spending 12 hours of the night putting out a north Brunswick warehouse fire, Young and Hullings relaxed with good food and conversation. Liz Woodward, a waitress who works at the Route 130 Diner in New Jersey, heard their discussion and decided to show her appreciation for their courage and strength. Instead of a bill for their meal, Woodward gave the two a note of thanks and covered their $15 expense.

While it was not an expensive meal, the thoughtfulness of her act touched the firefighters, even bringing them to tears. Young later posted the hand-written note on Facebook, displaying Woodward’s kindness. He encouraged his friends to visit the diner and help support the small business, and, of course, to tip big if they had Liz as their waitress.

Young and Hullings later found that Woodward’s father, Steve, is a quadriplegic. She has been trying to raise money for a wheelchair-accessible van so that her father can get around to appointments in an easier and safer way. In an effort to show their thanks for the kindness shown to them, Young and Hullings vowed to help Woodward as much as possible by holding a fundraiser. The firefighters hope to “pay it forward.”

I have seen and personally experienced this sort of kind act. It can certainly lift your spirits when you least expect it. If you would like to help pay it forward, check out Steve Woodward’s Go Fund Me page at

The original article about this story can be found on the Sunny Skyz

Note of Appreciation for New Jersey Firefighters

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