Joseph Bismark Showcases Holistic Wellness in asPire Magazine

When it comes time to take care of your body there are very few people who can do it as well as Joseph Bismark. Bismark, who I’ve featured before, landed a featured spot in asPire Magazine for just that reason. Bismark has been handling the reigns at QI Group for the better part of the last 7 years but he took some time out of his day to talk to asPire in order to discuss his habits and routine, as recently reported by Business Wire. 

For Bismark to maintain his health and his well being during the sometimes stressful work that his job entails he has turned to several different holistic methods in order to stay at the top of his game. As we detail his routine you’ll notice that he focuses on his body, his mind, and finally his spiritual well being. It is this well balanced focus that keeps Bismark so level headed when it would be just as easy to fall apart.

Bismark told reporters that he was a “staunch advocate of holistic health and wellness.” He went on to say that he focuses on cardio and flexible health by, “working out, doing Yoga asasnas, going cycling and swimming.” These activities aren’t just done once or twice a week, they comprise much of Bismark’s entire weekly routine. Rounding the bases on these different routines helps keep Bismark focused throughout the week rather than focusing heavily in one area while lagging in another.

We want to pay special attention to Yoga as Bismark calls it a “way of life”. Bismark not only focuses on Yoga as a consumer but he also teaches it to others. Bismark is a Yoga master at the Singapore School of Meditation. He continually focuses on learning the craft and utilizes different chants and mantras in order to do so. Bismark will load up a SoundCloud account filled with different Yogi mantras and he will listen to them as he progresses through his routine.

As far as physical conditioning goes when Bismark isn’t swimming or cycling he is utilizing kettlebells. Kettlebells are weighted balls with a handle that Bismark utilizes in his “rip:60” routine. Kettlebells are hard to learn without a teacher but they give practitioners a full body workout that leaves them sweaty and aching in all the right ways.

Bismark knows how important it is to stay mentally and physically sharp in life. His work at QI Group is improved thanks to his all around focus on well being in every aspect of his life.

Joseph Bismark Showcases Holistic Wellness in asPire Magazine

Even Dying Dog Has Bucket List: Beautiful Trip To Ocean

If you don’t feel something after this story, then sadly you are barely human, which brings us to an amazing dog named Dood.

I don’t have my own 4-footed companion, but I do share a very close bond to my brother’s dog Lexi, so I have clearly come to understand the incredible bond with man’s best friend.

This tale of a wagging tail first came about on, and has since caught on like wildfire around the globe.

It is easy to see why.

This handsome 5-year-old adopted golden retriever is dying of bone cancer, not a simple fact to accept without a gulp in the throat, at least not for me.

Dood, who has been raised in Utah, was diagnosed with terminal cancer in July, and his human parents, the Williamses, were just floored. The lovable and friendly canine has only days left to live.

Cassidy Williams was planning to marry her fiance in August on the beach in a town by the sea in Oregon. That’s when a wonderful plan came to be: Dood would make the long 13-hour car trip with Daddy Mr. Williams at the wheel.

Dood had never seen the ocean and everyone was excited to see how the dog would react. In addition, Dood would also serve a key role in the marriage of Cassidy and her groom Matthijs as ringbearer.

As expected, Dood came to love frolicking in the sea; he was a bit hesitant at first, but then delighted in the vast beauty of the ocean and its lapping waves. Dood had never been far out of his comfort zone, and in a sense, was treated to a touching bucket list.

As Cassidy later remarked, “He was so happy, he had so much energy. He did a fantastic job as the ring bearer.”

There are gorgeous photos of Dood seeing the ocean for his first and last time. Check them out here and also here at

Dood will return home to Utah now, but it’s a journey and adventure that made a huge impact on his young life.

I love this quote about our favorite canines:

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”
―M.K. Clinton (author, The Returns)

Even Dying Dog Has Bucket List: Beautiful Trip To Ocean

Ice Water For The US Postal Service is How Oklahoma Pays it Forward

The heat has been unbearable for much of the nation this season. However, in the Southern state of Oklahoma, it seems that matters have been much worse. The mail system has a reputation for delivering the mail regardless of what the elements throw their way, as the old motto goes, “neither rain nor snow nor dark of night.” However, this summer the residents have got together to help those who deliver the mail to their homes. It might seem a bit strange and quite a site, but it’s an act of kindness that won’t soon be forgotten. Numerous homes are setting coolers on their home’s porch full of cold water for the postal workers.

They fill coolers with ice water and put them on their porch for the mailman. Walking miles in this heat every day can be quite dangerous. In fact, dehydration can become an issue in a matter of minutes. The postal service appreciates all that these people are doing to help during this difficult time. It’s just a little act of kindness that goes a long way for these hard working people. They have no choice but making a living in this heat. It probably takes a lot of effort to fill those coolers with ice and water and keep them on their front porches. The outside temperatures alone would cause them to melt quickly. These people have jobs, families and a life of their own. However, it’s just one awesome way that the southerners are showing their hospitality. No, they didn’t have to do this, but the women and men of the United States Postal Service are more than lucky to have such wonderful customers on their routes.

Participating in random acts of kindness has quickly become commonplace in this country. With so many depressive and evil things that go on every day, it is nice to see that some people go out of their way to help others. Isn’t it wonderful when you’re in line for fast food and the person ahead of you already paid for your order? Or, what about somebody just mowing your lawn for no reason or doing some other random act? These gestures go a long way to help others, especially to those who are in desperate need. Hats off to the residence of Oklahoma and their heroic efforts to help those that work in the postal system.

Ice Water For The US Postal Service is How Oklahoma Pays it Forward

Holistic Beauty for Woman Who are Fighting Cancer

As a professional in the health field, I have worked with many people as they waged the battle of cancer. I am happy to report that more people are winning the battle than when I first started. As a counselor in supportive services, I actively listen as they tell their stories. My heart is moved with compassion as they display incredible strength against questionable odds.

Our office takes a holistic approach to treating patients. We believe that recovery depends on serving patients’ bodies, minds, and spirits. Humans are triune beings and require a balance in each aspect of their lives. There is an old adage that says however people perceive themselves to be, then that is how they will usually feel. I saw this self-fulfilling prophecy occur in many patients.

When we care for patients, it is important that our care plan includes as much of the patient’s dignity as possible. I have interviewed countless women who feel completely drained and depressed after long bouts of chemotherapy treatments. They often mourn the loss of their hair and other skin problems that result from the effects of radiation on the body. They often report depression because they do not feel beautiful anymore.

This bleak situation makes me glad that I can offer an exciting program to them sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Nearly thirty years ago, a doctor collaborated with Ed Kavanaugh on ideas to help women who felt like their appearance was greatly destroyed by the side effects of cancer treatments. They felt unattractive, depressed, and alone. As a past president for the Personal Care Products Council, Kavanaugh worked with some friends in the cosmetic industry to provide makeup and a makeup artist to work with some of the doctor’s patients. The effects dramatically changed her appearance and how she felt about herself.

With the backing of Ed Kavanaugh, the Council joined forces with other national leaders in the cosmetic industry to help women around the country who were experiencing these problems and having their esteems bolstered with a lovely make-over. After the American Cancer Society heartily sponsored the concept, the organization Look Good Feel Better was born.

According to their website, Look Good Feel Better is a nationwide organization who makeup supplies from hundreds of leading companies to hold free makeover seminars for woman who are fighting cancer. The program has helped so many woman that it is reaching to other countries. Helping a woman feel beautiful about herself is a crucial step in the precious road to recovery.

Holistic Beauty for Woman Who are Fighting Cancer

Heather McHugh Gives Caregivers A Much Needed Break

Caring for a friend or loved one with disabilities or sicknesses can be overwhelming. Caregivers often give up their own time and money to devote to caring for the ones they love so much. However, it is often a burden that is stressful and overwhelming, yet they must bear this burden alone. One lady, Heather McHugh, decided she was going to do something to help these people out.

McHugh is a writer, and she wrote beautiful poetry for the MacArthur Foundation. She won half a million dollars and had no idea what she was going to do with the money. She held onto it for more than two years. During this period, her godson and his beautiful wife had a baby. The child was born with severe disabilities, and yet they loved and took care of him. It was after she seen them caring for this child day and night and witnessing first-hand the stress they were under that she decided what must be done.

McHugh wanted to help those in similar situations. She took her money and sent caregivers to vacations around the world. Some went to Napa Valley in California and others to British Columbia. The real surprise was she never meet half of these people; she just wanted to do something good for others who were stressed out and tired. She knew that by the time her godson’s child was ten years old, he was going to need a big break. So she wanted to use her money to help those close to her heart too.

She did some research and found out that more than forty million Americans are in need of a break. Most of them provide around the clock care to disabled relatives with little to no extra help. She set up a foundation that will give these caregivers a vacation. Don’t worry, she gets to see the smiles on their faces, McHugh often goes along as a personal assistant. She attends to their every personal need and allows them to be treated like a king or queen for a day.

She is surprised to learn that most of these people aren’t looking for lavish trips; rather they want the simple things. They love taking a walk or having a chance to read a good book. These are most of the small things that people take for granted. Her gift is to give rest to caregivers in need.

Heather McHugh Gives Caregivers A Much Needed Break

Case Management Is Proven Excellent To Help The Homeless

Stories of individuals once homeless, making the transition back into society holds a place close to my heart. It is something I have seen and dealt with throughout certain times in my life. Working at a soup kitchen for a few summers while in college has shown me the real problems and adversities they have to overcome on a daily basis. In an article published in the Deseret News, it is explained how case management, particularly for homeless people, is giving them increasing odds of success.

No two people are exactly the same. This is the fundamental idea behind individual case management. I think it is a fantastic way to approach the homeless epidemic, especially among our armed service veterans. Each person is assigned a worker who will tailer a specific program to meet their individual needs. A person in need of mental health treatment will receive it. A person suffering through the horrors of drug addiction will receive care for it. If an individual is in need of the Department of Human Services, they will receive that as well. This is a significant improvement over the way homelessness has been handled historically.

Case management has effectively dropped the homeless rate in Utah by 75 percent. This is unheard of. It is more expensive this way, but the results are too much to ignore. There are numerous other sources and studies done that support the effectiveness of case management. Googling it will pull up a myriad of them. Case managers are now being offered in the criminal justice system, and even on college campuses. The key is to try to catch the problem before it gets out of hand. I think these are steps in the right direction.

By tackling issues, such as homelessness, on a personal level, only then can we address their needs. Adding more case managers to payroll is a great step in preventing another outbreak of homeless individuals throughout the country. They are not losers. Most of them are sick people, who need to get well again. Sure, they may have made some bad decisions, but that does not make them bad people. With proper treatment, they can once again function normally in society.

Case Management Is Proven Excellent To Help The Homeless

The Cabbie Who Changed a Life

Janie Porter is an Emmy nominated television news reporter and the creator of SheJustGlows. The SheJustGlows blog spends time focusing on Porter’s duties as a stay at home mom. In her latest article which was posted on theHuffington Post, Porter took a more somber approach when telling her viewers about one of her more down and out times. It was two weeks before Christmas when Porter, her husband, and her two children were at one of their lowest points in their life. Their house had been sold and the home they were moving into had yet to be finished and was no longer in their price range.
The couple ended up toting their children around the city to find a new home for them to live in while bracing the blistering cold. It was this night, two weeks before Christmas, that the Porters were dealt another blow. They were headed to hunt for their next house and their car refused to start. Porter’s husband tried again and again to start the car and it wouldn’t turn over. The two of them sat in silence and couldn’t believe that the universe was delivering yet another blow to them. Porter’s husband called a cab and went to send his wife and their children home. Porter mentally prepared herself for the cab ride home. After experiencing cabbies from all around the world she had never had a good experience with a cab driver. Fortunately for her, the universe delivered this cab driver just when she needed it most. This mother of two expected the cab driver to be annoyed with having to install two car seats as well as learning that she only needed to go five miles across town. When the cab driver showed up Porter was surprised to learn that this man had the joy of a Christmas elf. Without hesitation the cab driver greeted the family and began installing the car seats. When Porter told the driver that they were just going five miles down the road the cab driver smiled and told her “Okay, sounds good.” and said it with a smile.
The ride to her house was pleasant, authentic, and warm. Porter felt as thought the cab driver was genuine and cared about the conversation they had, even if it was incredibly short. Without knowing it the cab driver had given Porter a profound sense of peace and hope. The knot that had been stuck in her throat for weeks had melted away with the warmth of the man that she came into contact with. This story and Porter’s experience with this cab driver is important for two reasons. It should remind individuals to always be kind to one another, you never know what battle they’re fighting. The second is that help can come from the least expected places at the least expected times.
The Cabbie Who Changed a Life