I Thought This Would Be a Sad Story, But I Was Pleasantly Surprised

I love to see stories about ducklings, but often they’re sad. All kinds of things can happen to ducklings when they’re young. So when I find a cute story, I love to read about it or look at the video. I came across this story on the Sunny Skyz website about a farmer and his wife Ireland who wanted to add ducks to their collection of farm animals. When you first look at the story, you see a photo of a cat and think the worse. But when you look at the video, you see a different story.

Ronan and Emma, the farmer and his wife, had bought duck eggs to incubate in hopes of getting some ducklings. The video doesn’t specify where the incubator was, but it appeared to be in an outdoor building. The couple goes on to talk about how they saw a cat leaving through a hole in the building on the day the ducklings hatched. The ducklings had disappeared. They looked for hours and finally found the ducklings, but the cat had caught one in her mouth and wouldn’t let go even when she was picked up with it.. 

I was thinking that this was going to be another sad story about ducklings, but the story takes a bit of a turn. They put the mother duck down and all the ducklings ran up and under her. The mother duck had also given birth to kittens of her own at the same time she found the baby ducks and her maternal instincts may have kicked in. When they wanted to move the family to a new location, the couple found the ducklings had attached themselves to her nipples. This is unusual as ducklings don’t drink milk and forage for insects and grain when they hatch. The couple theorized that the ducklings took advantage of the cat’s milk while they were foraging.

They wanted to separate the ducklings from the cat, but Emma, who worked at a maternity ward, noticed that the mother cat seemed to genuinely care about the ducklings. So the couple decided to leave them with her. Eventually, the ducklings’ independent nature came into play and they began to wander off on their own. Finally, weeks later, the video shows three rather large Peking ducklings that are mostly independent, except they still rely on mother cat for guidance.

I Thought This Would Be a Sad Story, But I Was Pleasantly Surprised

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