Joseph Bismark Showcases Holistic Wellness in asPire Magazine

When it comes time to take care of your body there are very few people who can do it as well as Joseph Bismark. Bismark, who I’ve featured before, landed a featured spot in asPire Magazine for just that reason. Bismark has been handling the reigns at QI Group for the better part of the last 7 years but he took some time out of his day to talk to asPire in order to discuss his habits and routine, as recently reported by Business Wire. 

For Bismark to maintain his health and his well being during the sometimes stressful work that his job entails he has turned to several different holistic methods in order to stay at the top of his game. As we detail his routine you’ll notice that he focuses on his body, his mind, and finally his spiritual well being. It is this well balanced focus that keeps Bismark so level headed when it would be just as easy to fall apart.

Bismark told reporters that he was a “staunch advocate of holistic health and wellness.” He went on to say that he focuses on cardio and flexible health by, “working out, doing Yoga asasnas, going cycling and swimming.” These activities aren’t just done once or twice a week, they comprise much of Bismark’s entire weekly routine. Rounding the bases on these different routines helps keep Bismark focused throughout the week rather than focusing heavily in one area while lagging in another.

We want to pay special attention to Yoga as Bismark calls it a “way of life”. Bismark not only focuses on Yoga as a consumer but he also teaches it to others. Bismark is a Yoga master at the Singapore School of Meditation. He continually focuses on learning the craft and utilizes different chants and mantras in order to do so. Bismark will load up a SoundCloud account filled with different Yogi mantras and he will listen to them as he progresses through his routine.

As far as physical conditioning goes when Bismark isn’t swimming or cycling he is utilizing kettlebells. Kettlebells are weighted balls with a handle that Bismark utilizes in his “rip:60” routine. Kettlebells are hard to learn without a teacher but they give practitioners a full body workout that leaves them sweaty and aching in all the right ways.

Bismark knows how important it is to stay mentally and physically sharp in life. His work at QI Group is improved thanks to his all around focus on well being in every aspect of his life.

Joseph Bismark Showcases Holistic Wellness in asPire Magazine

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