Its been 6 years. . .

Its been 6 years. . .

It's been 6 years since the last time I talked with my Mum. I decided to talk to her today. The reason I write this, is for….well I don't know honestly.

Little background: My parents got divorced right when my grandpa passed away. The hardest time of my life was 6 years ago. Loss of my parents, loss of my grandpa. I was in highschool, freshman year. Stopped showing up and instead got on a really bad drinking and drugs habit. Left my house cause I felt like I was nothing but more issues for them. Lived with my best friend, under one rule. No hard drugs(such as Coke, Heroin and others). Broke that rule, felt like total shit. Told my friend, he punched me right in the nose, broke it and kicked me out. For about 6 months I lived on the streets. Until my friend almost watched me commit suicde.

I was standing on train tracks waiting, friend was on his way to work and tackled me. Gave me one deal. He would pay for my flight back to my hometown (Denver, CO) as long I get clean and get my life back together.

Move back into Mums apartment. Tried to finish my Highschool career. Mum went crazy and started dating the wrong people. Mum ended up going in and out of jail/rehab/prison. The last time I saw her, she was getting booked into another jail for a heroine offence. Started back up on my own drug habit.

Grabbed my balls and went back to highschool to get my diploma while still a really bad druggie. Selling coke on the side, getting high on my own supply, went into (almost) major debt.

Present: It's been 6 years since I talked to my Mum. Got a decent job, a loving girlfriend, but still feel like a piece of shit sometimes. I stopped my drinking and drug habit to keep girlfriend in my life (and for my own health).

I finally talked to my Mum, she is out of prison, out of rehab, and a year clean. I'm 4 months clean. I finally feel complete. I finally feel 100% complete. I have my family back (kinda) in my life.

"You made me cry, you told me lies But, I can't stand to say goodbye Mama, I'm coming home" Ozzy Osbourne

I just wanted to vent and I figured this was the best place, I am sorry for breaking rules. I am just happy to have my Mum back in my life.

6 years without her really had a hard hit on me.

TL;DR: Teenager had Mum issues for 6 years and a really bad drinking and drug habit of my own. Finally got clean and talked to my mum today.

I think I am ready for a better life.

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Its been 6 years. . .

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