Generosity of a Stranger

Generosity of a Stranger

I have job skills, but I don't have the necessary papers to prove it so I'm underemployed. I'm a product of my own choices. I helped a customer several times while she shopped for Christmas decorations. Her wardrobe would have cost me a months pay easily. She purchased the most expensive artificial tree we offer. 140 pounds of Christmas bliss.

I carried it out for her and tucked it into her SUV (still resplendent with it's brand new temporary dealer tag).

She fumbled with her wallet. I figured she was going to offer me a tip which I'm supposed to decline. "Do you have change?" I wasn't sure where this was going so I fumbled in my pocket for a few coins. She gave me a funny look and held up a $100. "Do you have change for this?" After explaining that I don't carry cash, she suggested that I go back inside to get change, I told her I wasn't supposed to take tips and going in for change could get me in trouble.

She paused for a moment before pressing the bill into my hand. "Have a merry Christmas." I mumbled a thank you. I was really too stunned to come up with anything else. That kept the lights on and the water flowing for another month.

I've worked retail for a long time. Most customers are alright. A few just want to take your head off, because you're the easiest target. If I take some heat their loved ones might have borne the brunt of, I'm alright. We'll probably never see each other again. Then you have the ones who make your day (or month). The little old lady who won't take no for an answer and tucks a couple of dollars in your shirt pocket or the classy lady who gives you a Franklin. It's not the denomination. It's someone who appreciates you.

It's the perfect day to say how thankful I am for beautiful people like that.

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Generosity of a Stranger

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