Making The Impossible possible

“Amyothrophic Lateral Sclerosis” (ALS) also known as (MND), “Motor Neuron Disease”
makes it impossible to use a computer. At least it used to. Impossible is really
the wrong way to say it. But many thousands of dollars is impossible for most.

Julius Sweetland, developer of Optikey, wants his software to be free. Yes, free.
Optikey is an assistive on-srceen keyboard for those of us with motor and speech
limitations. This tech allows them to have full computer use with just their eyes.

The best thing for all who would use the software is that it’s free, always.
No strings attached. This is amazing news for so many who could never afford this
for themselves or their children.

It warms the heart to see somebody work so diligently and ask for
nothing in return. There is much more to this story in the link above.
One can only hope this is a trend that is catching on.

Helping others in need, just because you can.

Making The Impossible possible