McDonald’s Employee More than a Cashier

Good deeds are very seldom seen or noticed these days, because lesser people are inclined to do them, or because most people don’t expect to see acts of kindness anymore. But whatever the case may be, Destiny Carreno of Chicago was a witness to an awesome gesture uncommonly seen, especially in a very busy place like McDonald’s.

She was in line at a McDonald’s restaurant behind an old man in a wheelchair trying to ask the cashier for help. She noticed that the man may be quadriplegic like her own uncle; she can tell by the way he talked and moved. She became interested as the cashier and the man talked.

The cashier had a hard time understanding what the man was asking for, and even Destiny was unable to grasp what he was saying.

Finally, the cashier closed his register and left the room. Destiny thought that the cashier left to evade the old man, but she was wrong! Destiny was rooted to where she was standing when she saw the cashier washed his hands and put on gloves. He then went to the table where the elderly customer was seated and began patiently cutting his food for him, enabling him to eat his meal. Destiny couldn’t believe that the cashier did more than what he is supposed to do, to make sure that their customer can have his meal.

Destiny did not waste her time. She would not let an awesome gesture like this go unrecognized. Her eyes were wet as she witnessed how the cashier compassionately helped the old man. Good deeds are hard to find these days! She took a photo as the cashier was helping the man and shared on Facebook where it quickly went viral.

That the cashier was cutting and helping the customer eat a very kind and most humble thing for her. She could not believe that the cashier will be willing to spend some time with the old man during the rush hour period.

Kenny Soriano-Garcia was the McDonald’s cashier whose good deed was recognized by the Facebook members who saw Destiny’s photo of him. His employer, Rod Lubeznik, the owner of the McDonald’s where he worked, honored him with an award in appreciation of his good deed. Lubeznik was proud of his employee and touched by his benevolence and concern.


McDonald’s Employee More than a Cashier

QNET Adds New Face To The Family

Joseph Bismark, the Managing Director of the QI Group, has recently announced the company’s newest brand ambassador, according to reports on BusinessWire; tennis champion Martina Hignis is officially the newest ambassador for QNET, the leading direct sales company. The announcement came on September 18th at the Hamdan Sports Arena in Dubai, during the V-UAE. In front of over 10,000 attendees, Martina Hignis announced her intent on working with QNET alongside Joseph Bismark.

Independent representatives of QNET gather at a yearly convention to meet, learn and celebrate as a group at the V-Con, a convention held by The-V. This year’s V-UAE was also the 17 year anniversary of QNET. The leadership at QI Group knew the best way to celebrate was by adding a new face to the QNET team.

Martina Hingis is a world-famous tennis champion. She is a five-time Grand Slam winner as well as the Global Ambassador for the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Her newest accomplishment and title of Brand Ambassador was one that she received proudly from Joseph Bismark. “It’s a great honour to be associated with a global brand like QNET whose presence in more than 100 countries speaks volumes of its strength and popularity,” Hingis said. Hingis joins the list of QI Group’s sports sponsorships. Past brand ambassadors include the Marussia Formula 1 team and the Manchester City Football Club.

It is planned for Martina Hingis to represent QNET in India. She is also intended for various competitions sponsored by QNET while playing for the Champions Tennis League. Her role in expanding the brand will involve wearing QNET branded apparel as she competes as well as endorsing products.

About Joesph Bismark
Mr. Bismark is a founding member of the QI Group. In December 2008, he became the Group Managing Director of the company.

Bismark comes from a unique background that many executives do not. At the young age of nine, Bismark left his childhood home for an ashram in the mountains of the Philippines. He studied here with monks for 8 years, until the age of seventeen.

When Bismark entered the corporate world, his training in spirituality and philosophy stayed by his side. He practices business with his core principles at the center of his decision making process. Bismark believes that everyone is capable of success. They only need the proper guidance and support in order to achieve.

Bismark is devoted to serving humankind and this can be seen through his philanthropic work. He spends a significant amount of time working on activities with the RYTHM Foundation – the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the QI Group. For more about this incredible man, check out this in-depth profile.

QNET Adds New Face To The Family

The Pope Dines With The Homeless Rather Than Congress

Pope Francis has been in the states for a few days and already he is making a huge impact on the people. This pope is different because he takes time to kiss the face of a disabled boy or to really talk to the people. The aura that the pope is much higher than the people certainly doesn’t fit this man or his vision for the world.

Though many stories have gone viral since the pope came to town, one story has especially received a great deal of attention. He was supposed to address congress, but he chooses to skip his fancy lunch and focus on more important things. Rather, he found himself dining with the homeless. He also didn’t drive around town in the fancy limonene that was waiting for him. Instead, Pope Francis was seen in the back seat of a small Fiat hatchback. He truly is a different man and one that is worthy of the cloth. At 78 years of age, he certainly isn’t about being flashy and getting any glory for his service to the people.

During the dinner with the homeless, he was seen hugging, and embracing many of the people located there. He has such humility and he wants others to view him as living the same way that they would. He doesn’t seem to be inhibited by the glory that comes with his position. He keeps reminding everyone that he is just a man, but he is a man called to serve.

He arrived here on Tuesday of last week, and he has already met with President Obama in his VIP suite and many others. However, a fancy congressional lunch just wasn’t what this man wanted. He wanted to be among the people. Whether the public is catholic in faith or not really doesn’t matter, many are so drawn to this man and the fact that he is so down to earth and dedicated to service. It was a big disappointment to the luncheon that hoped for some of his time, but such a bigger purpose was served that day.

Feeling that they were more than the choices they had made and the disappointments in life, many of these people who were down on their luck had the shock of their life during their free meal that day. It just goes to show that sometimes the best things in life don’t cost a thing.

The Pope Dines With The Homeless Rather Than Congress

Making The Impossible possible

“Amyothrophic Lateral Sclerosis” (ALS) also known as (MND), “Motor Neuron Disease”
makes it impossible to use a computer. At least it used to. Impossible is really
the wrong way to say it. But many thousands of dollars is impossible for most.

Julius Sweetland, developer of Optikey, wants his software to be free. Yes, free.
Optikey is an assistive on-srceen keyboard for those of us with motor and speech
limitations. This tech allows them to have full computer use with just their eyes.

The best thing for all who would use the software is that it’s free, always.
No strings attached. This is amazing news for so many who could never afford this
for themselves or their children.

It warms the heart to see somebody work so diligently and ask for
nothing in return. There is much more to this story in the link above.
One can only hope this is a trend that is catching on.

Helping others in need, just because you can.

Making The Impossible possible

Lending a Helping Hand in San Francisco

Homelessness is a sad but true fact for many people in the U.S. today.
In San Francisco the problem is very prevalent. Back in 2013, the number of
homeless people were around 6,500. As you can imagine, it is not easy
being without shelter.

Among the many issues that the homeless population faces is no shower access.
The options are few to clean yourself with no home to do it in. San Francisco
has about 20 working shower stalls for use.

A woman named Doniece Sandoval has seen enough and has made it her goal to help.
Formerly a marketing executive, she is no stranger to new ideas and making them
work. Now at 51, she has a service for the homeless called Lava Mae.

This new company turns decommissioned buses into rolling shower stalls.
She said that she saw a very dirty, sobbing woman one day. The woman was saying
to herself “I’ll never be clean.” This is one of the many instances that has
prompted Sandoval to help.

With the goal of providing 2000 showers a week being the result of this endeavor.
You can learn more about this project by clicking the link.

Lending a Helping Hand in San Francisco

Jersey City Resident Raises Funds For Tree Planting

I like to say that sustaining a sense of community in a neighborhood is a lot like cultivating a garden. It takes time and patience to let the seeds of your work blossom. One Jersey City resident is taking that to heart. Faced with a street lined with empty tree plots, Jersey City resident Nick Milak decided to take matters into his own hands and raise money to plant trees. The effort is not simply raising funds for the block, but encouraging neighborhood beautification projects and community engagement citywide!

I came across this effort in a news article in the Jersey Journal. Further details of the effort can be found at the news section of the local committeeman, Joshua Parkhurst. Milak is a long time resident on the block who became frustrated with the city’s failure to replace trees that had previously died. Instead of complaining about it, Milak decided to do something about it. He set up a crowdfunding page and contacted over 1,300 of his neighbors through social media.

In just a couple of weeks the page had raised enough funds to cover trees, tree guards, and two seasons of flowers for the plots. After this success, the project got even bigger! The project has now been expanded from nine trees over two blocks to 46 trees in a 14 block radius.

What I really like about this effort is that, beyond the trees themselves, the tree planting effort has helped engage the community on a greater level. The project has attracted the attention of the Jersey City Parks Coalition which hopes to encourage and assist similar efforts throughout the city. One local business owner is supporting the effort and hopes to add outdoor seating to his cafe so people can enjoy the natural scenery. The project can also be used as a lesson in civics and volunteerism for students at the elementary and middle school right across the street.

It is great to see Jersey City residents so involved in making their city a better looking place. Just by persistently reaching out to his neighbors, Nick Malik did more than plant trees, he planted the seeds of a green network throughout the city.

Jersey City Resident Raises Funds For Tree Planting

Joseph Bismark Showcases Holistic Wellness in asPire Magazine

When it comes time to take care of your body there are very few people who can do it as well as Joseph Bismark. Bismark, who I’ve featured before, landed a featured spot in asPire Magazine for just that reason. Bismark has been handling the reigns at QI Group for the better part of the last 7 years but he took some time out of his day to talk to asPire in order to discuss his habits and routine, as recently reported by Business Wire. 

For Bismark to maintain his health and his well being during the sometimes stressful work that his job entails he has turned to several different holistic methods in order to stay at the top of his game. As we detail his routine you’ll notice that he focuses on his body, his mind, and finally his spiritual well being. It is this well balanced focus that keeps Bismark so level headed when it would be just as easy to fall apart.

Bismark told reporters that he was a “staunch advocate of holistic health and wellness.” He went on to say that he focuses on cardio and flexible health by, “working out, doing Yoga asasnas, going cycling and swimming.” These activities aren’t just done once or twice a week, they comprise much of Bismark’s entire weekly routine. Rounding the bases on these different routines helps keep Bismark focused throughout the week rather than focusing heavily in one area while lagging in another.

We want to pay special attention to Yoga as Bismark calls it a “way of life”. Bismark not only focuses on Yoga as a consumer but he also teaches it to others. Bismark is a Yoga master at the Singapore School of Meditation. He continually focuses on learning the craft and utilizes different chants and mantras in order to do so. Bismark will load up a SoundCloud account filled with different Yogi mantras and he will listen to them as he progresses through his routine.

As far as physical conditioning goes when Bismark isn’t swimming or cycling he is utilizing kettlebells. Kettlebells are weighted balls with a handle that Bismark utilizes in his “rip:60” routine. Kettlebells are hard to learn without a teacher but they give practitioners a full body workout that leaves them sweaty and aching in all the right ways.

Bismark knows how important it is to stay mentally and physically sharp in life. His work at QI Group is improved thanks to his all around focus on well being in every aspect of his life.

Joseph Bismark Showcases Holistic Wellness in asPire Magazine