Let me take you on a feel good journey

Let me take you on a feel good journey

The first video is somewhat known on the internet. It's of Matisyaho joining a coffee shop performer cover one of his songs. The second video is a follow-up that I don't want to say much about, but it's such a feel good journey. Here's both videos back to back. Enjoy folks.



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Let me take you on a feel good journey

Teacher asks Sir Paul McCartney for a simple request for his students via song

Teacher asks Sir Paul McCartney for a simple request for his students via song

This public school teacher is traveling on a 21-hour trip to have just a moment to ask Sir Paul McCartney one question for his students.

Much of his personal time, energy, talent, and money has been spent for probably what will amount to 30-seconds with Macca.

Everyone has that one teacher that inspires them to leap and let go of fear in their journey.


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Teacher asks Sir Paul McCartney for a simple request for his students via song

Paying it off

Paying it off

So me and my girlfriend have been together for a few years and I’m pretty sure she is the one. She does however have a uncommon disease where polyps form inside of her intestines and after they get so big they become cancer and does scopes yearly. I have finally picked up a second job and I’m going to talk to her parents about helping pay off her bills to surprise her and any money that is left over will be going to a ring!

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Paying it off

To my best friend.

To my best friend.

Today marks a lot of things, taking our son to see the ultra sound and see his brother for the first time, his first day in school, my first day back to work, watching sextuplets and ofcourse your 30th birthday, which to me is a special birthday.

We started dating when you were 20, and this mark's our 10th year of us being together. You have changed my life in a way I couldn't imagine. I thought you were super weird at the start, the way you think, the way you do things, your attitude, all in a small package.

I loved this package. You thaught me to see things like you, it was after I knew you that my life drastically changed from the child who grow up between different parents, different schools, my father's passing way, 6 other siblings and different friends, I never thought I would know anyone for so long. And now I've known you for 10 years, I'm also having a second baby with you.

You are the best thing that happened in my life, you showed me how to be stable, how to care for others, you introduced me to your super awesome but also weird family, I saw how you all live life with joy and I knew you had the most joy – like that I was addicted to you.

You tolerated me, challenged me, corrected me, and the amount of time you put up with me is beyond me,(I guess I'm super weird to you too), yet you stood through tough times, managed to push me, you are a fierce strong mighty woman who I'm like to have shared the past 10 years with..

You gave me a reason to push forward, and to love life. No matter where life throws me I only know that I would always want you by myside, and I promise you to make it the best possible life in all your parallel universes.

I love you soo much and wish you a very happy birthday and life.

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To my best friend.