McDonald’s Employee More than a Cashier

Good deeds are very seldom seen or noticed these days, because lesser people are inclined to do them, or because most people don’t expect to see acts of kindness anymore. But whatever the case may be, Destiny Carreno of Chicago was a witness to an awesome gesture uncommonly seen, especially in a very busy place like McDonald’s.

She was in line at a McDonald’s restaurant behind an old man in a wheelchair trying to ask the cashier for help. She noticed that the man may be quadriplegic like her own uncle; she can tell by the way he talked and moved. She became interested as the cashier and the man talked.

The cashier had a hard time understanding what the man was asking for, and even Destiny was unable to grasp what he was saying.

Finally, the cashier closed his register and left the room. Destiny thought that the cashier left to evade the old man, but she was wrong! Destiny was rooted to where she was standing when she saw the cashier washed his hands and put on gloves. He then went to the table where the elderly customer was seated and began patiently cutting his food for him, enabling him to eat his meal. Destiny couldn’t believe that the cashier did more than what he is supposed to do, to make sure that their customer can have his meal.

Destiny did not waste her time. She would not let an awesome gesture like this go unrecognized. Her eyes were wet as she witnessed how the cashier compassionately helped the old man. Good deeds are hard to find these days! She took a photo as the cashier was helping the man and shared on Facebook where it quickly went viral.

That the cashier was cutting and helping the customer eat a very kind and most humble thing for her. She could not believe that the cashier will be willing to spend some time with the old man during the rush hour period.

Kenny Soriano-Garcia was the McDonald’s cashier whose good deed was recognized by the Facebook members who saw Destiny’s photo of him. His employer, Rod Lubeznik, the owner of the McDonald’s where he worked, honored him with an award in appreciation of his good deed. Lubeznik was proud of his employee and touched by his benevolence and concern.


McDonald’s Employee More than a Cashier