Lending a Helping Hand in San Francisco

Homelessness is a sad but true fact for many people in the U.S. today.
In San Francisco the problem is very prevalent. Back in 2013, the number of
homeless people were around 6,500. As you can imagine, it is not easy
being without shelter.

Among the many issues that the homeless population faces is no shower access.
The options are few to clean yourself with no home to do it in. San Francisco
has about 20 working shower stalls for use.

A woman named Doniece Sandoval has seen enough and has made it her goal to help.
Formerly a marketing executive, she is no stranger to new ideas and making them
work. Now at 51, she has a service for the homeless called Lava Mae.

This new company turns decommissioned buses into rolling shower stalls.
She said that she saw a very dirty, sobbing woman one day. The woman was saying
to herself “I’ll never be clean.” This is one of the many instances that has
prompted Sandoval to help.

With the goal of providing 2000 showers a week being the result of this endeavor.
You can learn more about this project by clicking the link.

Lending a Helping Hand in San Francisco