The Pope Dines With The Homeless Rather Than Congress

Pope Francis has been in the states for a few days and already he is making a huge impact on the people. This pope is different because he takes time to kiss the face of a disabled boy or to really talk to the people. The aura that the pope is much higher than the people certainly doesn’t fit this man or his vision for the world.

Though many stories have gone viral since the pope came to town, one story has especially received a great deal of attention. He was supposed to address congress, but he chooses to skip his fancy lunch and focus on more important things. Rather, he found himself dining with the homeless. He also didn’t drive around town in the fancy limonene that was waiting for him. Instead, Pope Francis was seen in the back seat of a small Fiat hatchback. He truly is a different man and one that is worthy of the cloth. At 78 years of age, he certainly isn’t about being flashy and getting any glory for his service to the people.

During the dinner with the homeless, he was seen hugging, and embracing many of the people located there. He has such humility and he wants others to view him as living the same way that they would. He doesn’t seem to be inhibited by the glory that comes with his position. He keeps reminding everyone that he is just a man, but he is a man called to serve.

He arrived here on Tuesday of last week, and he has already met with President Obama in his VIP suite and many others. However, a fancy congressional lunch just wasn’t what this man wanted. He wanted to be among the people. Whether the public is catholic in faith or not really doesn’t matter, many are so drawn to this man and the fact that he is so down to earth and dedicated to service. It was a big disappointment to the luncheon that hoped for some of his time, but such a bigger purpose was served that day.

Feeling that they were more than the choices they had made and the disappointments in life, many of these people who were down on their luck had the shock of their life during their free meal that day. It just goes to show that sometimes the best things in life don’t cost a thing.

The Pope Dines With The Homeless Rather Than Congress