QNET Adds New Face To The Family

Joseph Bismark, the Managing Director of the QI Group, has recently announced the company’s newest brand ambassador, according to reports on BusinessWire; tennis champion Martina Hignis is officially the newest ambassador for QNET, the leading direct sales company. The announcement came on September 18th at the Hamdan Sports Arena in Dubai, during the V-UAE. In front of over 10,000 attendees, Martina Hignis announced her intent on working with QNET alongside Joseph Bismark.

Independent representatives of QNET gather at a yearly convention to meet, learn and celebrate as a group at the V-Con, a convention held by The-V. This year’s V-UAE was also the 17 year anniversary of QNET. The leadership at QI Group knew the best way to celebrate was by adding a new face to the QNET team.

Martina Hingis is a world-famous tennis champion. She is a five-time Grand Slam winner as well as the Global Ambassador for the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Her newest accomplishment and title of Brand Ambassador was one that she received proudly from Joseph Bismark. “It’s a great honour to be associated with a global brand like QNET whose presence in more than 100 countries speaks volumes of its strength and popularity,” Hingis said. Hingis joins the list of QI Group’s sports sponsorships. Past brand ambassadors include the Marussia Formula 1 team and the Manchester City Football Club.

It is planned for Martina Hingis to represent QNET in India. She is also intended for various competitions sponsored by QNET while playing for the Champions Tennis League. Her role in expanding the brand will involve wearing QNET branded apparel as she competes as well as endorsing products.

About Joesph Bismark
Mr. Bismark is a founding member of the QI Group. In December 2008, he became the Group Managing Director of the company.

Bismark comes from a unique background that many executives do not. At the young age of nine, Bismark left his childhood home for an ashram in the mountains of the Philippines. He studied here with monks for 8 years, until the age of seventeen.

When Bismark entered the corporate world, his training in spirituality and philosophy stayed by his side. He practices business with his core principles at the center of his decision making process. Bismark believes that everyone is capable of success. They only need the proper guidance and support in order to achieve.

Bismark is devoted to serving humankind and this can be seen through his philanthropic work. He spends a significant amount of time working on activities with the RYTHM Foundation – the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the QI Group. For more about this incredible man, check out this in-depth profile.

QNET Adds New Face To The Family

Joseph Bismark: A Businessman With Strong Views About Health And Wellness

Today Joseph Bismark plays an important leadership role in the international direct sales company, QNet. He helped co-found Qi Limited in 1998, and then became a Managing Director of the Qi Group in December, 2008. A quote attributed to him sums up his visionary business philosophy: “What may appear an obstacle for many is an opportunity for a leader.”

A Dynamic Entrepreneur

According to Susan Crasto, Joseph Bismark resided for several years in a spiritual community in the Philippines. She indicated in an online posting that he lived in an Ashram between the ages of 9 and 17, spending many hours learning meditation and contemplation.

Although he does not share extensive personal information concerning his background, the Singapore-based business executive today reportedly devotes much of his time to working on behalf of a foundation established by the Qi Group to promote an environmentally green lifestyle.

Strong Views About Health And Wellness

He has played an inspirational role in helping to encourage business entrepreneurship on the part of the independent representatives who help market QNet’s health, wellness and educational products lines. The company enjoyed exponential growth in recent years, a phenomenon rooted in an corporate culture of teamwork and entrepreneurship. Many distributors believe that Joseph Bismark’s dynamic personality and his emphasis upon business leadership qualities contribute to this marketplace success.

As part of the company’s efforts to further corporate responsibility, the Qi Group’s foundation encourages activities such as energy conservation and materials recycling. For example, under Along with founder Vijay Eswaran, Joseph Bismark’s leadership the company’s Prana Resort in Koh Samui has relied on the use of solar power as a source for generating electricity. Similarly, the multi-story Qi Tower in Malaysia reportedly emphasizes the use of paperless business practices which avoid the use of extensive paper products in the course of conducting business, a practice which helps conserve timber resources.


Joseph Bismark has been described as holding strong views about the importance of maintaining a health and wellness lifestyle. This philosophy meshes well with the QNet product lines.


About Joseph Bismark


Joseph Bismark is known for success working with only some of the the biggest corporations in the industry. He has helped provide top of the line marketing services, pitch perfect advertising, and guided businesses to reaching the top in their industry. What makes him different than most business leaders in the industry is how he handled the stress involved using his spiritual side. In this article, find out how he is using his spiritual side to help build businesses. Use this information and all of these ideas to help cultivate a successful business regardless of the position.

How To Put Joseph’s Spirituality Into Your Business

– Be A Strong Encourager

One thing he has been consistent on doing is helping people in his office. His fellow employees have explained that he is their favorite boss. The reason behind that is because he a strong encourager. He works hard on enhancing people’s lives and how they see themselves. Joseph has been known for pushing every person in his office to being their best self. Whether a person is a boss or just a small employer, being an encourager to everybody is powerful for giving off that sense of leadership in the sense of style. Encouragement goes a very long way.

– Team Work

Being the best that a person can be is great, but trying to actually help others and instill a sense of team work can help develop a strong relationship between each person. Joseph has exclaimed in the past that he is only successful because he has a group of people and a team who is hardworking and dedicated to being successful. He understands that growth is achievable by joining forces with others. Encouraging team building activities and doing partner work can help bring everyone together.

– Letting Creativity Roll In

Another thing he has been able to share among his fellow businessmen is how he understands the importance of creativity. It is the ordinary people who has been able to achieve great success in life by simply using their creativity to shine through. Always be on the lookout for ways to help anyone in the company bring their unique and creative ideas out there. When Joseph sees potential, he makes sure to give that person a quick push.

– Don’t Be Afraid To Use Spirituality To Help

As a student of the Ashram faith and living in the Philippines for eight years of his life, he learned about treating others with respect, remembering integrity despite the struggles, and also finding the spiritual side in all situations. He learned that integrity, honesty, and a hard work ethic towards finishing projects all help the business in the end. He also holds onto himself a sense of humility in his life. He takes advice with pride, gives advice when needed, and he works with his team on a consistent basis listening to everyone’s input.

Building a really successful business is not easy, but adding in a sense of spirituality into a business can help keep business afloat, build better teams, and work with everyone in a stronger level. As a down to earth guy, he is respectful of others and works hard to keep businesses at the top of their game. He has taught before that being grateful goes a long way in this industry. Projects, employees, and small aspects of a business can come and go, so it’s vital to be grateful along the way because a grateful attitude helps enhance the workplace. When working with others, be sure to work extensively hard on building strong relationships with the ones in the workplace.

Mr. Joseph Bismark is a distinguished business person and a foremost spiritual intellect. He is the Co-founder and managing director of QI Limited, which was founded in December 2008. Through his enduring rein at the company, he presided over a period of exponential growth, which saw the company lay a solid foundation that has stood till today. QI is a diversified multinational entity that controls a number of businesses in various sectors including; direct selling, hospitality, retail, financial services and education. QI has over 1500 staff members in its employment roster working in over 30 countries. The company operates offices in Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

Bismark’s Life Inspiration
As a highly talented and versatile leader, Bismark has pursued various interests which have made him stand out as a yoga instructor, vedic philosopher, martial arts adherent and bonsai master. His other interests include animal welfare, science and technology, economic empowerment, human rights, poverty alleviation and promotion of arts and culture. He is also a devotee of the lord and a follower of absolute truth. Bismark’s corporate and spiritual journey began at a tender age of 17, when he left the comfort of his home in the Philippines mountains. Bismark’s business acumen has been largely shaped by his childhood years in the Philippines, where he had a simple upbringing. Besides his position at the helm of Q1 group and Qnet, Bismark is also the co-founder of RHYTHM foundation, which is Qnet’s corporate responsibility arm.

The spiritual side of Business
Bismark’s ingenuity in Qnet, a subsidiary of Q1 Group of Companies has taken the company to great heights, thanks to his enduring spirit and innovative mind. His entrepreneurial spirit has awed millions of people who appreciate his business approach and profit making ideas. Having said that, the checkered waters of the corporate world is both stressful and demanding. This challenge becomes even tougher when you want to start or run a successful business. Under such a competitive and stressful environment, little attention is given to everyday living virtues like peace of mind, spirituality, harmonious working relationship and a feeling of brotherhood. Bismark has seen what these virtues can achieve in terms of self-esteem, team work and productivity. For this reason, he greatly believes spirituality and business are all intertwined.

Social Network
Bismark has published numerous works and posted numerous words of wisdom in his blog and website gemsofwisdom.net; one of his popular post titled “Stress is Good” was posted on February 2014. Under this title, Bismark reiterates that a right amount of stress is necessary in performing work; for example, building muscles and growing a healthy body and soul. Bismark maintains an active life in the social scene. He has an official Facebook fan page, Twitter account, blog and YouTube channel, which he uses to communicate and share ideas with his many admirers, critics and peers.

Joseph Bismark is truly an incredible individual and an inspiring role model for all who know him. He is dynamic, innovative, and uniquely spiritual putting others and their health above his own. He is known for many things but his love for mankind trumps all. When he was just nine years old he became a monk in Ashram. Ashram is located in the mountains of the Philippines and is an excellent place to connect with spirituality. This is where Bismark initially started embracing his true spirituality. He stayed as a monk in Ashram until he was 17 years old.

When Joseph Bismark was 17 he made the hard decision to leave his life as a monk in Ashram and move into the corporate world. He felt that he had something unique to offer. He wanted to bring spirituality into the business world. Normally business and spirituality are different, but if anyone would find the connection and make it work it was certainly Joseph Bismark. He practiced business the same way that he practiced as a monk- with respect, love, devotion, and great morals.

Joseph Bismark is the founder of the QI group. In 2008 he assumed the position of manager director soon after the company restructured itself. He has proven to be quite successful and well loved as the manager director of this business. He is incredibly interested in human growth and development in the workplace and lives by the motto “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things”. This statement speaks to the true person that he is and how he runs the QI Group. He believes that everyone can succeed with a helping hand and the needed push. For this reason and many others he has quickly become one of the most praised and well-loved managers at Qnet.

Well being and human relationships are an important interest of Joseph Bismark. He has brought these ideas into the workplaces in many different ways. He has even restructured how the employees eat and what they eat because he wants to see them be successful, happy, and healthy. He is currently based in Singapore.

On top of being an incredibly successful business man, Bismark is an astonishing intellectual and spiritual person. He has been quoted saying “We are not the physical body, we’re spirit-souls. True happiness lies in the understanding of our real identity as spirit souls and not the physical body.” His uplifting spirituality has proven thus far to be completely infectious. Amazingly enough he manages to bring this part of himself into the workplace.

Today Joseph Bismark continues to live a life of peace. Where most would find the business world stressful and overwhelming, Bismark sees potential and overwhelming success. His grounded nature, calm attitude, and views of life help him to be a very successful man. His love for humankind, respect for everyone he meets, and positive attitude make him well loved and highly respected by all who know him. Though Joseph Bismark is not like most business owners looking only to earn a profit for their company, he is rich beyond all that is measurable. He knows what love is and what it is like to respect people. This is why he can live such a happy, healthy, and successful lifestyle. The business that he founded and now manages is thriving and all of the employees are very happy to be working for him. He couldn’t ask for more!

Joseph Bismark will continue to inspire young business owners, spiritual individuals, and mankind in general for many years to come. He is truly a role model worth following, a businessman worth working for, and a spiritual intellect worth acknowledging.

Joseph Bismark: A Businessman With Strong Views About Health And Wellness