Dog’s Hug Saves Them

Two dogs in a shelter appeared to hug in a photo posted by an animal rescue, and that hug lead to both of their lives being saved and a new dog owner having two more additions to his family.

This feel good story started when the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue submitted an online photo of two dogs that were named Kala and Keira by the rescue agency to their Facebook web page and posted a story about how the two dogs would be put to sleep if they weren’t rescued. The post went on to describe the two dogs, one a boxer mix that is black and the other what appears to be a brown lab. The photo is particularly touching with one dog hugging the other and the post indicating how scared they are unless someone has the heart to save them.

The photos of the two dogs only lasted on a Facebook post for a little over two hours before the dogs were saved. 

The savior was the like and share features on Facebook. When you like a photo it becomes more popular and easily accessible by other Facebook viewers. In addition, when you like a photo your friends are alerted that there is something out there that you like, or that touched you, as it did in this case. When you share a photo the photo is then sent to the people you direct the photo two, which can lead to the photo quickly being widespread. In just that limited time frame, the photo of the two dogs was liked by over 700,000 people and shared over 10,000 times.

The next message from the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue went on to say that the duo were saved and are now together as they have been jointly adopted. A photo of a young man with the two dogs in his arms was shown as they lick his face happily. 

He now has two wonderful new additions to his family thanks to the patience of the shelter, the adopter, and of course thanks to Facebook and its like and share features. Angels Among Us Pet Rescue also benefited from the event gaining positive publicity, donations, and offers for rescue, which they thanked everybody for on a new Facebook post. However, they appear most happy that these two dogs were able to find a permanent new home.

Dog’s Hug Saves Them